Membership Circle Domains, Aims, & Priorities

Operational Leader: Amy Halberstadt

Elected Representative: Joe Cole

Members: Rita Bennett-Chew, Johanna Janssen, Debby Gross, Hope Horton (OL sociocracy), Paul Voss (OL marketing)

Nested sub-circles: Marketing, Sociocracy, Community Life


Conceptualize, codify, and coordinate the membership structure and process, and work to create and sustain a welcoming, connected, and well-functioning community


  • Define, codify, and evaluate membership materials, processes, and policies
  • Define, codify, and evaluate rights and responsibilities of members, including financial, work, and participation expectations
  • Provide encouragement, guidance, and discernment to members throughout the full cycle of the membership process
  • Orient new members to HM values, agreements, culture, and governance
  • Maintain membership list and records, including entry and application dates, skills available, etc.
  • Develop processes, capacity, and trust with which to address community relations and/or conflict
  • Marketing Subcircle: Support and guide recruitment activities and outreach to those potentially interested in Hart’s Mill
  • Sociocracy Subcircle: Educate and train members in Sociocracy and further apply and develop this governance system
  • Community Life Subcircle: Foster engagement in the community through activities, events, and celebrations

PRIORITIES (next review: January, 2017)

  • Continued review of existing templates and our New Member Handbook
  • Improve Associate Member materials
  • Work on tasks relating to integration of new members and advancement of existing members, including discernment as to when members are ready to advance
  • Provide members with avenues for giving and receiving feedback
  • Create workshops or retreats or some types of opportunities to further develop our capacity, and trust with which to address community processes and/or conflict
  • Expand membership of our Circle
  • Marketing Subcircle: Identify and activate ways to encourage growth in membership numbers,
  • particularly in relation to a fully diverse community, and with skills and values necessary for a successful ecovillage (ad)ventur
  • Sociocracy Subcircle: Create avenues for learning about Sociocracy
  • Community Life Subcircle: Continue celebratory activities and increase opportunities for learning skills relevant to an ecovillage

Hart’s Mill Ecovillage, July 15, 2016