Cob Building Schedule

January/February: move salvaged (free) material for dry stack foundation to site and flag (January 21).  Develop sketch design in January/February.  Clear trees in late February.

Early March: Dig foundation trench and soil pit (future root cellar) for cob. Start dry-stack foundation (March 4).

Mid-March: continuing on foundation until near completion (March 18).

Early April: Finishing foundation; prepare for doors/windows, etc., start cob! (April 1).

Mid to late April: Cob workdays/workshops:

Weekend #1 (+ window/door prep work, and other details) (April 8/9)

Weekend #2 (+ window/door prep work, and other details) (April 22/23)

Weekend #3 (+ harvesting rafters from onsite trees) (April 29/30)

(tour of Mud Dauber School may happen on one of these workdays or April 15/16)

May-June: finishing cob up to roof system

Early July: roof system, installing windows/door, start scratch plaster (July 1 and 15)

Late July/August: finishing scratch plaster

September: finish plaster, floor and other details!  (Sept. 2, 16, 30)

October: decorating, celebration!

Italicized font  such task with a particular need for assistance.  Dates show are pretty firm but subject to change with the exception of the big push with cob workdays in April which are very firm.