Common House

We are currently anticipating the first Concept Designs for the Common House from our architect, Jonathan Lucas of Asheville’s What on Earth Architecture. They will be posted here, and will be updated as they evolve. Stay tuned!

Members will recall that our previous architects proposed a Common House design several years ago. PDD considered picking up the current design process where that one left off, but in the end decided to begin afresh. Our needs have changed so significantly since then that the original plan would need significant and costly reworking. For example, we are now looking for a smaller and less costly building overall, with a partial second floor and a possible walk-in basement. The diversity of Living Options, including small suites with limited cooking capacities, also calls for different kinds of Common House kitchen design. Moreover, our work on residences with Jonathan Lucas has produced a more widely agreeable aesthetic, which we hope to extend to the Common House.

Our new design program for the Common House has emerged out of a variety of sources: general desiderata that were recorded from community process during our first attempt at Common House design; substantial feedback from an ad hoc “Common House Noodling Group” of interested members who responded to the call for some lengthy rethinking in January 2019; and then some discussions and amendments after rethinking with Jonathan Lucas, as well as with Greg Ramsey, our village planner. All of this was revised and consented by PDD and GC. You can find the current Common House Design Program here.

Again, come back soon for a look at the designs as they evolve!