Common House

We are currently in the midst of concept designs for the Common House with our architect, Jonathan Lucas of Asheville’s What on Earth Architecture. Our design program has emerged out of a variety of sources. General desires and needed functions were developed through community process during our first attempt at Common House design. Substantial feedback was added from an ad hoc “Common House Noodling Group” of interested members who responded to the call for some lengthy updating of the Common House program in January 2019. Since then multiple discussions have held with General Circle, and the current Design Program consented — you can find a copy here. Iterative work with Jonathan has produced further adjustments.

Here is the current concept design (click on the image to enlarge).

You’ll see that this is close to an actual floorplan, but the main aim of this sort of diagram is to work out functional relationships and relative sizes of the spaces. Don’t look for windows and doors or exact dimensions yet… also there will still be a number of significant changes in the kitchen layout and elsewhere.

Currently we are in the midst of Common House kitchen design, and are just about ready to post the design we have worked out (which has a lovely story behind it: let’s just say for now that it’s a (literal) Dream Kitchen). Once we have a consented kitchen design, Jonathan will be able to produce a more exact floorplan and perspective drawings for the whole building, and we will start to see what it will look like. Updates will be posted here as they evolve. Stay tuned!