The vision

We envision a world in which people live in justice and harmony with each other and the land.


To actualize Hart’s Mill Ecovillage as an agrarian intentional community: restorative in its agriculture, sustainable in its designs and practices, collaborative in its social and work life, and celebratory and creative in all that we do.


  • To create and maintain a physical infrastructure such as homes, structures, a community house, roads, pathways, utilities, and studios/workspaces
  • To produce food, fiber, and energy for our community
  • To provide governance, financial and legal stewardship, membership services, land-use management, community-strengthening and educational offerings
  • To encourage the establishment of land-based enterprises
  • To share what we have learned, serve as a model, and foster collaborative exchanges through teaching, learning, and participating in social change.

February 1, 2016, last updated