What a Concept! Update on Architecture

by Anthony Weston
Our Architect, Jonathan Lucas of What On Earth Architecture, has taken PDD – the Planning, Design, and Development Circle – through a systematic process to develop the designs for our residences. it’s time for a progress report on developments so far. 
With Jonathan’s guidance, we worked out specific Design Goals for the village generally and for two types of residences in particular. We chose to work first with a 2-bedroom house with an attached 2-room suite and also a Shared house with 4, 1-room suites. (if you need a reminder about the “Building Block” plan with suites, check out this blog post from April.) There will be other types of residence as well – these two may not even be the most common types – but we picked these two as prototypes because they are fairly different in a variety of ways but between them should allow us to sort out basic design issues for all of the residences.
The next step was Concept Design for those two types of residences: not all the way to an actual floor plan, but a layout of the relative sizes and interconnections of the rooms, to insure that everything works and flows as hoped. So… below are the Concept Designs we are working with.   Comments and questions are welcome to Anthony at weston@elon.edu. 
The really exciting bit comes next: Schematic Design — actual floor plans and elevations (drawings of the buildings as they will look from the outside). Indeed PDD is now working through the first Schematic Designs for the Shared House, and will circulate these shortly too. Speaking of which… all members interested in architecture should also take note of the October Last Saturday event, October 27th 3-6 pm, where we will share our architectural program and progress in detail. Please come!  RSVP to Anthony: weston@elon.edu.
Start imagining living in these spaces!  KEY: Blue codes for private areas; yellow for common areas; brown is transitional space; green is attached outdoor space (porches).
2-bedroom with 2-room suite.  Click here for larger image.
Shared house with 4, 1-bedroom suites.  Click here for larger image.
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