Splendid September Calendar and August Highlights

We realize that a blog post is not the ideal place to list a long calendar of events!  So to view/download a September calendar pdf, click here.   


  • Amid the rain and multiplying mushrooms, work on the land and the farm continued apace in August. We’re looking forward to a Labor Day Work Camp and Fence Raising this weekend – see below for details.  Better yet, SHOW UP!  Every person who comes is a gift. 
  • You’ve been following the pumphouse progress since the well was drilled last spring. It’s now got good stone boots, a wood-frame body & hat, and we’re aiming to fill in the walls with slipstraw on September 8th, making this the second earthen-building project on the land.  This is a great opportunity for a lucky few to learn from a master – Greg Allen of the Mud Dauber school.  See below for details and registration.
  • We had a sweet Last Saturday afternoon with new members at Hart’s Nest. Leaders from all of our Circles were on hand to answer questions and share our vision, accomplishments, and challenges to come.  We welcome our new friend Jessica and new visiting member Barbara!

See you in September!

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